Infographic team, founded in 2014

To date, we have completed over 10 000 projects in Poland and abroad.

Best projects create people

Marta Sitkiewicz Marta Sitkiewicz
Marta Sitkiewicz Publishing Director
Maciej Kabroński Maciej Kabroński
Maciej Kabroński Product&Sales Director
Marzena Wasilewska-Lasa Marzena Wasilewska-Lasa
Marzena Wasilewska-Lasa Senior Graphic Designer & Photographer
Magda Furmanek Magda Furmanek
Magda Furmanek Senior Graphic Designer & Data Analyst
Paweł Moszczyński Paweł Moszczyński
Paweł Moszczyński Motion&3D Expert
Karolina Jarczyk Karolina Jarczyk
Karolina Jarczyk Junior Graphic Designer
Zuzanna Odjas Zuzanna Odjas
Zuzanna Odjas Junior Graphic Designer
Marcin Lasa Marcin Lasa
Marcin Lasa Motion Designer
Justyna Dzierbicka Justyna Dzierbicka
Justyna Dzierbicka Illustrator | Graphic Designer
Michał Jaszowski Michał Jaszowski
Michał Jaszowski Animations | Graphic Designer

Some of our clients


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